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Who is Coach Charles?


And why should you listen to anything he has to say?

Dear Soon To Be Friend,

I PERSONALLY know what it’s like to be out of shape and
feel like a fat blob. Look at this picture of me at a bar (I used to
frequent these places quite a bit in my young adult years) … I
wish I could say that this was a picture of me at my worst, but I
would be telling you a huge lie. I continued to get bigger for
several months, putting on nearly 10 more pounds. BUT I can’t find
any pictures of me in worse shape because I pretty much avoided the
cameras. Maybe you know how I felt …

Charles Before image

207 lbs at Just 33 Years Old

Believe it or not, I was only 33 years old in this
picture. Many people told me I looked like I was at
least 36. I remember one night I had a bet with friends
of mine that were a few years older than me. I asked the
bouncer who looked older. He immediately told me I
looked older, probably a couple of years older. Then he
asked me if he was right. I was so embarrassed. This was
probably the first time I realized I had a weight
problem. It had come on gradually over a few years.
Pants got tighter, I bought new ones, you know the

Somewhere in the first couple of weeks of
January 2007 I bent over to tie my shoes, realized that I was having to hold my
breath, sit up, breathe and begin again a few times before I could
finish tying my shoes …

I couldn’t believe how badly I had let myself go… no matter how hard I tried
to fool myself, I was no longer anywhere near slim and hadn’t been
for a very long time …

As an engineer, I decided to see how bad things were by the numbers. My
blood pressure had sky rocked, my resting heart rate was worse than
an average person’s heart rate while they are up and moving around,
my heart rate after climbing the stairs was as high as if a normal
person had just gone for a run. All these things scared me to death.
My waist measured a whopping 43″, and at only 5’8″ tall, I weighted
207 lbs. Not only was I obese, by some estimates I had the same
health risks of a person with diabetes (doctors have been quoted as
saying patients with diabetes age 10 to 30 percent faster than those
without – no wonder I looked so much older than I was).

I also noticed I was wearing the same few clothes all the time.
Even though I had more clothes than anyone needs, I couldn’t wear
most of them. And all the clothes I was wearing had style names that
included something similar to “relaxed fit.” I now know this is code
for, I was too fat to fit into the regular sizes, but the clothing
manufactures didn’t want me to feel bad about it.

Perhaps theworst thing to happen to a man’s ego is that I was pretty much being
ignored by the opposite sex. Even my own wife frequently made
comments to remind me that I didn’t look this way when she met me 15
years ago. I really wish she had sat me down one day and told me I
needed to lose the weight. And finally my Father did tell me that I
was way too heavy for my age. But I wasn’t ready to listen until I
couldn’t do simple things like tying my shoes without significant
effort. Some might even say I was a bit stubborn 🙂

This Sudden and Terrible Realization Made Me Very Sick…

In fact, I lost 50 lbs of fat and put on more than 10 lbs of functional muscle …

Charles Before image

Charles in a tight size XL

Charles after image

Coach Charles Many Inches Smaller

Hardly Anyone Believed I Could Lose An Entire Medicine Ball Of Fat But I Did

And that’s JUST the beginning… Now I feel like I’m 10 years
younger, I have tons of energy and I even stand almost an inch taller…

And what’s really exciting is what’s happened to my self
image… Let’s just say when I look in the mirror I’m pretty damn
stoked with what I see… My social life is better, my love life is
better, my health is better, in fact EVERYTHING is better. I’m even willing to have my picture taken in public now.

public image

Coach Charles and Tiffany Seen In Public Together

Now my story could’ve ended here, but this is where it gets really exciting… You’re NEVER gonna believe it, but…

I Almost Completely Accidentally Became a Personal

You see, as I continued looking better and better something REALLY
STRANGE began to happen… People started to constantly ask me
questions like “How did you lose ALL that fat so fast?” and “What do
you do to look SO good?” and “Can you help ME look better too?”

“Can You Teach Me What To Do And How To Eat Healthy In A Quick Program That Will Allow Me To Continue On My Own Afterwards …”

Enter the Couch to Fit in 12 Weeks Program. This personal training and eating habit coaching with accountability program is our most effective program ever.  We run pretty close to a full client load most of the time. If you think you would like to learn more, we may have 2 or 3 coaching slots available as clients finish up their programs. You can learn more about how Coach Charles can help you completely transform your body and apply for a zero cost over the phone consultation on our Couch to Fit Program Page.