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Success Stories

At FitHealth we have clients of all shapes, sizes and ages. New clients come to us in various states of health and fitness. We establish healthy goals, find strong motivations to reach those goals and then we get to work. Our Success Stories page will give you an idea of what you might be able to accomplish with guided fitness coaching. Would you like to add your story to this page? Learn more about getting started with our most successful program ever, where you can go from Couch to Fit in 12 Weeks.

Melissa Before and After Pic

Melissa Lost 70 pounds!

“I wanted to thank you Coach Charles… since working out with you I have lost 70 lbs!!! Eating right, doing the workouts at home, and staying away from sugar surely helped! Thanks for all the hard work!” -Melissa Foster

And 3 Years later Melissa had an update for us: “You were a great personal trainer!! Wish I could have had the time and money to do it longer! Thanks to you Charles Bram I have managed to keep off 70 pds for over 3 years now!!”

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Before Joe's body transformation

Before FitHealth

Picture of Joe down more than 60 pounds

Joe down over 60 pounds!








Over the last 52 years, I have been at a healthy weight only four times: the last two years of high school and through college; immediately before and after my wedding; during the second term of the George W. Bush administration; and now.

During the first three times, I lost significant weight but was not able to maintain the healthy lifestyle long-term because I did not change all the factors necessary for weight loss success.

I thought I could make the necessary changes myself, but after several years of trying to eat better and exercise more, I only gained more weight and became less active. As a gift for Christmas 2012, my wife gave me a gift of the 2X JumpStart Personal Training Program with Coach Charles. I still thought I could lose the weight myself, but reluctantly met with Coach Charles and started the program.

At first, I could not even finish the warm-up exercises, let alone make it through an hour-long training session. During the second week, Coach Charles reviewed my week-long food journal and helped me develop a healthy nutritional plan that was both appetizing and achievable. Within a year, after going to fitHealthUSA twice/week, I lost over 60 pounds, 10 ¼ inches around the waist, and 28% of my body fat. I continue to go to fitHealthUSA to increase my strength and improve my overall health and am constantly challenged and motivated by Coach Charles. Each week, Coach Charles’ clients come to the gym and find a new list of exercises. He uses science to develop a program that addresses flexibility, balance, core strength, muscle mass, and endurance. The exercises are tailored to address each individual’s ability, strength, and training frequency and Coach Charles continues to modify the exercises to make them more challenging. Another motivating factor for going to fitHealthUSA is Coach Charles’ clients. Whenever I come to the gym, there are 2 to 4 people there, all with similar goals and the work ethic to move forward towards improved health and overall body conditioning. I know the names of the people I work out with and find several friends among them.

After several months of my continued success and steady weight loss, Coach Charles commented that he wished everyone would follow his advice and recognize that they also could change their health. He went through a similar weight and improved health transformation so he has personal knowledge and experience of what works. Thanks to Coach Charles, I am lighter, healthier, stronger, more flexible and have more endurance than I have ever had.

Thanks Coach Charles!
-Joe Skowronski

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Picture of Jennifer comfortable in a bikini

Jennifer Comfortable in a Bikini

“I have always been fortunate to be a thin person that didn’t have to work hard at staying that way. Genetically lucky in the weight category but not so much in muscle tone, joint strength, or core stability. In short I was what some people refer to as skinny fat. I looked okay in clothes, but put me in a swim suit and ask me to run along the beach and two events were likely to occur (1) I would dislocate my knee (which actually happened) or (2) I suddenly found myself in a competition with the ocean as to who could create the most waves (except my butt ripples weren’t as pretty to watch). So after two children and multiple freak injuries, at 37 years old I decided to stop with the excuse of “I don’t have time” and make the time to get strong. After nearly two years of regular workouts with Coach Charles and the Fit Health community, I have put on ten pounds of muscle, dropped almost three inches from my waist, strengthened my joints and core beyond what I thought was possible, and I feel confident in a bikini!

At the start of this journey, Charles said to me, “everyone has the same number of hours available in a day…you can make the time to workout if you want.” He was absolutely right, and the changes I have experienced physically and mentally have been well worth my time.”

-Jennifer Walker
Working mom of 2

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Matt after Personal Training

Matt Dominating the Competition

Thanks to Coach Charles, I am being recruited by several Divisions I and III college water polo teams (California and the East Coast), hold the record for the most goals for the Gonzaga High School Varsity Water Polo Team, was named an All-American Water Polo Player and play for the Olympic Development Team. Coach Charles helped me overcome recurring overuse injuries and build core and overall strength so I could remain in optimal shape and conditioning for year-round water polo.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a competitive athlete. At age 5, I started playing soccer, baseball, and joined our neighborhood swim team. By the time I was 10, I combined my love for team sports and strengths in the pool and pursued water polo as my sport of choice. Water polo requires speed, power, endurance, strength and flexibility. Over the past 9 years, I excelled at water polo, participated in several Junior Olympics competitions, was a starting member of the Olympic Development Team National Champions, was pivotal in several victories on my Naval Academy Club Team and Gonzaga High School Team and traveled the country with my teams for water polo tournaments. However, this level of athletic achievement did not come without a cost. During my middle school and early high school years, I was plagued with several episodes of a sore shoulder resulting from tendonitis and sore muscles resulting from overuse. I would find myself sitting out important games or tournaments in order to heal. Seeking a long-lasting solution to these injuries and to improve my level of play, I came to Coach Charles at FitHealthUSA in November 2012. Together, we developed a course of action to strengthen my core and upper body muscles to prevent these recurring injuries. An increase in strength and a reduction of injuries were noticed almost immediately. After a year and a half of working out with Coach Charles, I no longer experience any type of injury (even after playing water polo at least 10 to 15 hours/week), have improved the strength and velocity of my shot, enhanced my level of endurance in the pool, have a better posture and physique and was awarded MVP at several national tournaments. I was able to play my senior year without injury (started every game and led in goals) and did not miss any games. Coach Charles makes working out and building strength fun and productive. Thanks Coach Charles!

-Matt Skowronski
Senior, Gonzaga High School

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Tak Shows how much body fat he has reduced from his waist.

Takashi After Just 6 Weeks!

“The past 6 weeks w/ Coach Charles has exceeded all of my expectations. Although athletics and fitness has always been a part of my life, Charles has redefined my perception of fitness & nutrition. Personal fitness goals that first seemed unattainable if not impossible, now seem achievable and realistic thanks to Charles. I look forward to what the next 6 weeks brings.” -Takashi

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Sheena shows off her sculpted arms

As a Promotional Model, Getting Thinner Helped Her Win Jobs

“Coach Charles, The past 6 weeks have been amazing. A low body fat percentage allows me to wear the right clothes for my modeling shoots. Losing this last 3% has already allowed me to book more jobs for the Spring + Summer!” -Sheena Cole

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Allen shows off his smaller waist

Allen Down 5% Body fat with the 2XJumpStart.com program

“Coach Charles, Thank you for helping me meet my personal goals. I feel a lot more healthier than before. I was able to loose 10 pounds, 2 1/4 inches from my stomach and 5% body fat [during 2xJumpstart]. At this rate I will be able to meet my short and long term goals. I will recommend your programs to my co-workers and friends. See you after SWAT school. Take care and I wish you the best.” -Allen E. Corniel

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Tiffany shows off her 6 pack

Tiffany’s First 6 Pack After 3 Kids

“For Years I told my husband I wanted to get in shape and lose the flab. It annoyed me that he was getting younger and better looking all the time while I was beginning to look older. Finally I’d had enough and asked him to train me. But he wouldn’t do it until I was fully committed. In just 6 weeks of healthier eating and serious workouts, I lost 4 % of my body fat and developed this wonderful flat stomach. I’ve been thin before, but I’ve never had a stomach that looked this good!” -Tiffany Bram, wife to Coach Charles.

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Dan on the rings

Dan Can Rock the Rings Now

Dan helped me so much when I needed to get off my backside and start working out. It has been such a pleasure to return the favor. Dan and I have been working out together for 3 years now. He tells me that since I started training him this year, he’s lost 2 inches from his waist and increases his pull ups to 5 from just 1.

Update: One year later, Dan is down another 20 lbs and 2.75″ from his waist. As you can see we have taken his workouts to the next level!

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Alyssa shows off her stomach after 4 kids

Alyssa After 4 Kids

“After I gave birth this summer (my fourth!), I was putting on 1 pound a week! This had to stop. I was 35.25″ around the middle. 12 weeks later I am down to 29″ and feeling great. I’ve got just a few pounds to go to reach my goal weight. Just a couple of months ago, I couldn’t even step into these jeans, let alone button them! Coach Charles got me to change my eating habits and learn to enjoy working out again.” -Alyssa Nguyen

“Thanks for referring Alyssa to me Tiffany!”-Coach Charles

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Joanna shows off her stomach

Joanna is Now Coach Joanna

“After Just 4 Weeks of working out with Coach Charles I had significant improvements in my strength, endurance, and flexibility. I lost inches and gained some definition in my arms, legs, and stomach. Coach Charles is very encouraging and continues to help me reach my goals. The nutritional counseling is great and I’ve also noticed an improvement in my energy.

Yeah Coach!” -Joanna Caswell.

Joanna, has now reached her goal weight and beyond. Way to go Joanna! -Coach Charles

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Joe shoes how much body fat he has removed from his waist

Joe Dropped 4 Pant Sizes

“Before I started working out with Coach Charles, I weighed about 215 lbs and was a solid size 38 waist. I was working out on average about 2 times a week, mainly on a treadmill or elliptical machine, and had not seen any change in weight or size for over a year and a half. I now weigh 194 lbs and am a size 34 waist.” -Joe Caswell

*Update Joe is now 185 lbs! We need a new pic to show why you can do all those pull ups now 🙂

“Thanks for referring Joe to me Joanna!” -Coach Charles

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Carrie shows off her stomach

Carrie is Beach Body Ready!

“I am priviledged to be trained by Coach Charles. He is a great motivator, enthusiastic, and encouraging. He gently pushes without being pushy. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their personal goals with measurable results. He strives to make exercise and balanced choices, a life long committment. I would highly recommend Coach Charles to anyone committing to getting fit and healthy. ” -Carrie Mariotti

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Roger doing pull ups on the rings

Roger Can Do Pull ups Now!

“Coach Charles brought a guy in shape to OUTSTANDING shape. He had ideas to increase my strength by twofold almost month by month! I’ve taken his input on nutrition and my metabolism has increased in speed, and body fat content decreased by approximately 1% a month. He knows nutrition, he knows the body, he knows what kinds of exercises for each part of the body, and more importantly, he knows how to strengthen body parts that have always been weak or are sore. He’s the MAN for the job!” – Roger Berger

Roger forgot to mention he has gone from one shaky pull up to doing 12 without assistance. Roger holds the current fitHealth client record for pull ups, and he’s not 25 you know 😉 -Coach Charles

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Eric Shows off his biceps

Eric Shows What You Can Achieve With Hard Work!

“Coach Charles, Your Training is amazing. I never thought I could improve myself in such a short period. Thank You for all of your intensity in the gym.” -Eric Farneti

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Ro shows off her stomach

Mid 40s Does Not Mean Decline!

“Coach Charles thank you again for coaching me with my fitness and health needs to get where I am today and continue living my fitness and healthy life always.” -Ro Gioia, Mom/Homemaker

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Hugh Shows off his fat loss

Hugh Is Wearing His New Pants Inside His Old Pants!

“Since starting work with Coach Charles in December I have seen very positive results. When I came to him I had loss 60 lbs over a two year period but still had not gotten the definition that I was seeking. Coach Charles has help me get to the next level of fitness. Since working with him I have gained 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my biceps, 11/2 on my thighs, loss 2 inches off my hips and an inch off my waist. I can look in the period now and see the beginning of a 6 pack and a V shape. At 53 years old I am back to my college football weight (225) and feel strong and fit. But most important, since I have started a regular training program I am off blood pressure and Cholesterol meds. My goal is to stay medication free. Coach Charles’ program works…really.” -Hugh Staples, Professional Actor

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Tom shows off his fat loss

The New Face Of Mid 60’s!

“Charles – Your 2xJumpStart program has put me on the path I’ve been trying to find for some time now.

Many thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you!” -Tom Sullivan, Architect

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Coach Charles shows his fat loss

This is Coach Charles – He’s a Client Too!

Coach Charles is a new man. While he may not sport a 6 pack or have the natural genetics of 25 year old trainers you meet at the national chains who have never been out of shape, he’s been through every step of what you need to do to slim down and tone up fast. 3 years ago, Charles couldn’t do a single pull up and had to take multiple breaths to tie his shoes. Today Coach Charles can whip out 60 push ups on a stability ball and bang out 20 pull ups. His problems with weakness, flexibility and fat gain are gone FOREVER!

“The last time I was in this kind of shape, I was 18 years old and playing high school sports while working out 3 to four hours a day. That was literally half a lifetime ago, I’m 37 now, and I only workout 30 min to an hour 4 to 5 days a week.” -Coach Charles

an image of Coach Charles

Does Coach Charles Look 42 in This Picture?

Update: At 43 years old now, I’m frequently mistaken for a much younger man. Quite by accident, I found the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Nearly 10 years after beginning my weight loss journey, I find eating a sensible diet and consistent workouts allow me to attack life with the energy of a 20 year old. Join me!

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